Meditation, Reiki & Intuitive Art


Intuitive painting gatherings. Approximately 2.30 to 3 hs.
A relaxing Meditation & a Gentle Reiki Healing followed by an Introduction to Intuitive Painting, allowing the Artist inside all of us ’emerge’.
Art is expressing yourself & manifesting without the use of the spoken word. It is an incredible Healing technique.

Loni is a self taught passionate Visual Artist. She Recycles, Creates, Invents, does Finger Paintings, Collages on wood, Canvas Paintings, Tshirt designs & Canvas Tote cloth Bags, Mugs, Picture frames, Pouches & much more (upon request).
Every piece created, from Clothes to Bags , Picture frames, Paintings, will be your treat to yourself that you get to take home with you.
Check out her Art Gallery at: Loni Duek

Private Sessions:

5 person class/session: $40 per person PRIVATE EVENTS BY REQUEST

10 person class/session: $30 each

Duration: 2 hours