Permission to Send Reiki ?

When it comes to the permission to send Reiki energy to someone, there tends to be some disagreement among different practitioners as to whether or not it’s OK to send healing energy to someone without their explicit approval or permission.

This is where the “higher self” comes into play. Sometimes the physical individual might not be in a position to express their permission, such as if they are unconscious, or far away out of reach by standard communication means.

Experienced Reiki practitioners solve this dilemma by opening the healing session with an affirmation and intention that “all Reiki energy be sent with love for the highest good of all concerned; if it isn’t received, may the energy be sent to the Planet Earth” – or back to yourself, or to your Reiki Bank, or somewhere safe. The recipient’s higher self, which is always aware of the highest good, will then decide whether or not to accept the healing flow.

It is safe to send healing energy this way, even if we don’t have permission, because Reiki can never do any harm

Ari Lisjak